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9: New School Jazz, Training the Ear

In 1986, Donelian was invited to join the faculty of the New School Jazz and Contemporary Music Program in New York City by friend and then-director Arnie Lawrence. Donelian's knowledge and experience as a teacher, cultivated since his teens, prepared him for this role.

Donelian's book, Training the Ear, evolved out of his classroom work and was published in 1992 by Advance Music. It quickly became the Jazz ear training text of choice at several colleges, including William Paterson and New York Universities, The New School and The Manhattan School of Music. In 2001, Training The Ear was translated into Japanese and published by ATN, Inc. in Japan.

Several of Donelian's articles on ear training and Jazz piano were also published. "Hearing Chords" was issued in The Rutgers Annual Review of Jazz Studies #8, 1996. "Woodshed Pro Session: Hearing Jazz Chords," a serialized version of the Rutgers article, appeared in the June, August, October, December 1997 and January 1998 issues of Downbeat Magazine. "Master Class: Chord Voicings" was published in the August 1997 issue of Keyboard Magazine.

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